Our Mission

Our mission is to foster self-correcting cultures of integrity.  We achieve this by teaching research-based skills that allow people to consistently act on their values, taking ethically courageous action under pressure - in the face of fear and discomfort.

Our Core Values

We are committed to practicing behaviors that support:                                                                                              


INTEGRITY             Being honest, doing as we say and having strong moral principles, including honesty, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity and trustworthiness.

COMPASSION      Making space to notice the distress of others or within ourselves, with a commitment to try to alleviate it.

COURAGE              Acting on our values, from our hearts, in the face of fear or difficulty, for the greater good.

RESPECT               Treating all others as fundamentally important and with particular attention and high regard. Seeing the best in people.

LEARNING             Continuing to gain knowledge or skills through study and direct experience, continuing to be open to new or different perspectives, ideas and

                                experiences.  Being open and perseverant in the face of discomfort, which is often inherent in learning.

Join Our Team

 Diverse people with exceptional skills and talents - extending our international reach...        

   Courageous Leadership is growing and getting lots of inquiries about available positions.  ​We recruit experienced, high-level

   facilitators who’ve been recommended, and we also welcome the resumes of experienced professionals from diverse

   backgrounds who’ve not been recruited and are interested in becoming certified in Social Fitness Training TM and/or working

   with Courageous Leadership in some other capacity.  If you're motivated to be a part of our team, please review the list of

   roles currently open to candidates and submit your resume and cover letter via the link below.

Courageous Leadership is currently looking to fill the following roles:


Executive Assistant                           

Business Development Manager


Additionally, we're accepting applications for enrollment into our Social Fitness Training TM Certification Course.





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