Denise Cotton-Royal


As Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Courageous Leadership, LLC Denise combines her extensive background in psychology and organizational development with a passion for innovation, productivity, leadership and human and organizational growth and resilience. Working with non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations, she helped facilitate the success of organizations in the fields of environmental education, diversity education, social-emotional learning, personnel management, multicultural psychology, social psychology, big-box retail and fine arts.


Denise applies creativity to a methodical and rigorous approach to infrastructure development, systems analysis, capacity building, and personnel and curriculum development, allowing her to cross-pollinate best practices across various industries and settings. Previously, she was the Founder of three businesses and a non-profit, and has also been a collaborative incubator for several other businesses. Denise served on the Board of Directors for Caritas Creek Environmental Education, volunteers for non-profits which provide educational services to under-served communities, and holds a Master of Science degree in General Psychology.