Donna Hamlin, Ph.D.

Executive Consultant

Donna is an executive consultant at Courageous Leadership.  Donna is also the CEO of Intrabond Capital U.S., Inc., a company providing global governance services, including annual board evaluations, education, research and assessment of board directors. Intrabond is a strategic partner with Watermark, a community of exceptional women leaders seeking to grow their personal impact in their professions and in society.  One of their programs is The Watermark Institute Board Access™, an overall package of tools and resources developed by Intrabond Capital, to empower women to gain a seat at the table in public and private board rooms.


Donna helps board directors and executives discover and develop personal competencies which insure sustainable success for themselves and their organizations. At the board and executive level, she supports development of responsible, strategic and ethical leaders and high performing boards.  She is certified by Harvard University and the National Association of Corporate Directors in the U.S.  A published author, she writes management articles in the area of human performance and change management.