Consulting & Executive Coaching

Transformation Consulting
“Make no mistake, your work was transformative for our executive team.” 
- Kaiser Permanente Director

Often clients engage Courageous Leadership to guide a more comprehensive program to transform not only unhelpful behaviors but also recreate new processes and systems for sustained improvements in well being and performance.  We customize our transformation consulting services to support specific client needs which may include organization-wide baseline and post-program assessments, courageous leader communications for all stakeholders, courageous leader coaching guides, team learning sessions, and more.  We would be delighted to learn more about your specific needs and co-create a comprehensive program that supports a successful transformative process. 

Executive Coaching

As leaders set the example for wise and ethically courageous action under pressure, we offer customized coaching services to executives and high potential individuals. Honoring the unique challenges and influences leaders face, we help executives strengthen their skills to provide, receive and encourage candid communication and feedback.  Working together we surface the behavioral patterns that get in the way of effective leadership whether related to fostering a psychologically safe environment or actively promoting diverse perspectives.  Using our proven techniques for creating courageous and inclusive cultures, we design and coach leaders to retrain their reactions to challenging situations, so they respond skillfully under stress.

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