Kimberly Arnold

Kimberly Headshot 2019.png

Partner, Embodiment Coach, and Transformation Leader

Kimberly supports Courageous Leadership focused on Leadership Embodiment and Organization Systems.  With over 30 years as a corporate leader in marketing and operations, Kimberly has led complex teams and designed, refined and sustained organization systems that empower diverse teams to achieve unprecedented results. Throughout her roles at Salesforce and Blue Shield of California, Kimberly used a collaborative approach across departments to bring out the best in individuals and drive innovation using collective strengths.  As an Organization Design and Strategy practice leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kimberly coached executives and teams to create inspired visions, align business goals and clarify roles and practices to optimize their performance. 


Seven years ago Kimberly expanded her leadership skills to include practices connecting with the wisdom in our bodies as a means to be more skillful in interpersonal interactions.  As a Leadership Embodiment associate, Kimberly works with individuals and teams to identify stress patterns in the body and employ practices that restore balance in our bodies and in our interpersonal relationships. 


Kimberly maintains her own sense of balance through daily meditation and movement practices.  Kimberly is a certified teacher in Soul Motion, a conscious dance practice and has studied with master teachers in dance, Aikido, Tai Ji and Xi Gong.  Kimberly has an M.B.A. from Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.S in industrial engineering from Northwestern University. Born in Washington, DC, Kimberly lives in San Rafael, California.