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Integrated Equity & Inclusion 

Join a 2-hour interactive online class to share and learn ways to build inclusive and equitable relationships and environments and a deeper sense of belonging. 

Led by Brooke Deterline & Simone Harris


“Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil.” ~ Adrienne Maree Brown

The human-made hierarchy of value called race is woven into each of us, as well as our societal fabric. So, how do we look directly at race, and other forms of “otherizing”, to build an understanding of the mechanisms of dehumanization and create a deeper sense of belonging for all? This Courageous Belonging conversation offers an opportunity to increase our awareness, skills, and social support to begin to create more inclusive and equitable relationships and environments.

Class facilitators Simone Harris and Brooke Deterline have trained Fortune 500 companies and national nonprofits in the skills of having “courageous conversations.” With a life-affirming approach based in neuroscience, they will offer ways to embrace all of ourselves and each other by managing key evolutionary and socially-based traps, as well as by leveraging the saving graces of what it means to be human. Come see our common humanity, observe and experiment with different approaches, share and support each other, and increase our ability to help build a more compassionate, inclusive, and equitable society. 


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Online classes cost: $150


$100 discount for Living Inspired Summit Participants. 

Equity/sliding scale available. Please contact us.


Please note: This class requires 15 minutes of pre-work with a partner.  If you are not taking the class with someone you know, we will pair you with another participant in the class. The partner selection and pre-work is intentionally designed to increase psychological safety for multi-cultural groups and is essential to participate. We will also use applications to create a multicultural co-learning space.  If you’re not included in this class, we are happy to apply your discount to a future class.

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