Lynne Henderson, Ph.D.


As the Chief Social Fitness Officer at Courageous Leadership, LLC, Dr. Lynne Henderson is translating her Social Fitness Training™, a cognitive behavioral model developed over 25 years at the Stanford Shyness Clinic, into structured exercises that facilitate skillful courageous conversations in stressful situations in organizations. Role-plays at moderate levels of stress/anxiety open the way to skillful and courageous action rather than avoidance in challenging situations and build strong social trust and support. Other exercises include mindfulness, perspective taking, gratitude, empathy, fostering a growth mindset, compassion and forgiveness that facilitate compassion for the self and others while engaging in the ongoing process of courageous conversations and actions.


Lynne is also the co-director, with Prof. Philip Zimbardo, of the Shyness Institute, and was the director of the Stanford Shyness Clinic, 1982-2007. Her research includes translating the results of personality theory and social psychology into effective group and individual treatment strategies for extreme shyness and social anxiety disorder. She developed Social Fitness Training™, a health-enhancement and mental and social training model, is trained in Mindful Self Compassion and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) evidence based mindfulness programs, and is the author of The Compassionate Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence and Social Fitness Training.