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Simone Harris

Partner & Emotional Intelligence Leader


Simone is a Partner at Courageous Leadership. Using the wisdom of Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness practices as anchors, Simone’s coaching technique focuses on working with the client to cultivate a deeper self-awareness, design equitable actions, and then foster sustainable learning and growth. Her work with clients on the individual and corporate level, begins with supporting the recognition of patterns of behavior that are no longer serving the clients’ highest good. As growth opportunities within those patterns are identified, Self-Compassion techniques and practices are tightly woven into each learning session.


Starting her journey as an Emotional Intelligence Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner while working as a Wellness Programs Manager at the largest single-site jail in the U.S., Cook County jail in Chicago, IL.  She realized that the only way to address the needs of the detainees recidivating within the system, was to go deeper into understanding the residual effects of emotional trauma. 


In all of her work, Simone continues to support individuals and work teams, in focusing on navigating the wisdom of their unnamed emotions. Simone has initiated projects and learning sessions helping work teams to connect to the emotions and tensions surrounding power and hierarchy, racial injustice, and gender inequities masked in the internal operations of organizations. Her intention in this work is to continue to support individuals in their journey to achieving peace, even in high-stress work environments and challenging personal experiences.