Susannah Baldwin

Executive Consultant

Susannah is a master trainer in the areas of leadership, facilitation, and presentation skills, with twenty years of experience implementing large-scale corporate initiatives, designing and facilitating strategic and operational planning meetings, and coaching managers and executives in leadership and presentation technique. The pairing of Susannah’s business acumen with her doctorate degree in clinical psychology contributes to her unique effectiveness as a leadership and communications coach. Her direct and supportive style offers clients a non-threatening environment in which to acquire and develop skills.


Susannah spent ten years in a management development firm, working with Fortune 50 companies, consulting and training in collaborative leadership. She has the skills to navigate difficult interpersonal issues and group dynamics while building productive alignment, problem solving, and business planning. For the last eight years, she has been coaching executives for high-stakes presentations and managers who are presenting up to the executive suite. Susannah also has extensive experience as a public speaker, as a moderator in conference settings, and as a weekly radio-show host.