Wendy Addison

Executive Consultant

As an Executive Consultant for Courageous Leadership, Wendy is a critical thinker and powerful speaker with fresh, seasoned insights. She has shared speaker platforms with Daniel Ellsberg, Coleen Rowley, Dr. Phil Zimbardo (Stanford Prison Experiment), and Professor Roger Steare of ethicability. In September 2014 Wendy was awarded an International Giraffe Hero commendation for 'courageous actions' and 'making manifest the truth'.


Drawing on her experience of having uncovered the biggest corporate disaster in South Africa's history, coupled with her extensive business experience and focus on development and change, Wendy’s talks and courses incite and inspire. Her ability to have won an eleven year war of attrition is motivational - as is her ability to forgive, her drive to walk a path less travelled, and the stepping stones she has laid down for others. She shares her vision and strategy for encouraging individuals to speak out to circumvent the need for whistleblowing, and how to set the stage for transparency.


Wendy is on the advisory board of the International Whistleblowers Research Unit at Middlesex University, is a contributing member of UNCAC Coalition and a member of the Corruption Research Group of the Surrey University.