Courageous Conversations  ●  Ethical Actions  ●  Adept, High-Performing Teams  ●  Long-Term Value

Brooke Deterline - Former Corporate Consulting Director at Heroic Imagination Project, CEO of Courageous Leadership 

Our team of experts combine more than 80 years of social psychological research and key insights from neuroscience with Dr. Lynne Henderson's evidence-based cognitive-behavioral model called Social Fitness TM. Courageous Leadership, LLC, programs help transform what people do in stressful, challenging situations into courageous actions that enhance group collaboration, support the creation of adaptive leadership, and significantly improve organizational impact


Our research-based services drive optimal individual and team performance in challenging situations by empowering people and teams to consistently take wise and ethically courageous action under pressure. 
Participants consistently:

  • BUILD greater psychological safety

  • EXHIBIT greater psychological flexibility

  • INCREASE their ability to be inclusive and support diverse voices·    

  • LEARN new ways to promote full team engagement

  • FEEL an increased sense of belonging, efficacy, and motivation

  • BECOME less vulnerable to unconscious biases and situational pressures

  • BUILD & LEAD honest, effective teams that address the “undiscussables”

  • IDENTIFY & TRANSFORM unhelpful patterns and systems

  • NAVIGATE complexity and uncertainty, within organizational values

  • ACT with ethical courage, and support the same in others

  • COUNTER pressures to act on exclusionary or short-term impulses

  • INSTILL a shared responsibility model for integrity, equity and success 

  • SET and ACHIEVE meaningful goals and outcomes

We provide our clients with consulting, workshop, public speaking, assessments and more. 


Kaiser Permanente, Google, Hewlett Foundation, Microsoft, Pfizer, Greater Good Science Center, Omidyar Network, MIT, Australian Government, Columbia University Medical Center, and more.


10% of profits from our Courageous Leadership for Racial Justice & Equity and Courageous Belonging programs go to black-led organizations with a track record of effective social justice work.  

Organizations include Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives

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