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Blog #2 Finally! Wall Street Cops Look to Ethically Courageous Cultures to Ensure Integrity Written by CEO, Brooke Deterline


In her Science of Courageous Leadership blog series, Brooke shares the 3 keys to creating a culture of ethical courage and excellence. Click here for the full article. 

Our Work Featured in O Magazine Article: The Morality Workout, Exercises to Be More Ethical


Author Elizabeth Svoboda talks about our work Oprah's O Magazine.  She highlights how we have the ability to transform into more ethical people in the workplace through specific research-based training, or "exercises", offered by Courageous Leadership. These exercises strengthen our courage muscle and help us to act in accord with our values.


"The science-based approach Deterline and Henderson use in their workshops—for companies including Google, Kaiser Permanente, and Stanford's Rock Center for Corporate Governance, as well as for the general public—is called Social Fitness Training, and it involves participants role-playing morally challenging situations."

HUFFPOST LIVE Interviews CEO, Brooke Deterline on: Why It's Important to Face Your Fears In Life and Business

"Imagine a world where every leader makes compassionate and ethical decisions. That's the goal of Brooke Deterline,

a CEO who teaches the power of sensitive decision making."

The New York Times references Courageous Leadership services in an article called: In Life and Business, Learning to Be Ethical


While relevant both personally and professionally, this article discusses how business ethics, particularly in recent years, is needed in the financial world.

"The problem, research shows, is that how we think we’re going to act when faced with a moral decision and how we really do act are often vastly different."


Brooke Deterline Talks About Using Social Fitness Training TM to Create Ethical Cultures and Socially Fit Teams in the Workplace in this TEDx Talk

Brooke Deterline Talks About Leading With Courage in this Talk at MIT


This this talk was given previously when Brooke was the Director of Corporate Consulting for the Heroic Imagination Project.


Greater Good Science Center Features our Courageous Democracy Program in: These Kids Are Learning to Have Bipartisan Conversations


The Greater Good Science Center for featuring our Courageous Leadership for a Courageous Democracy work with Junior State of America in this article, These Kids Are Learning to Have Bipartisan Conversations! 

Courageous Leadership Works With The Men at San Quentin


Courageous Leadership had the honor of working with the men inside San Quentin. We work with wonderful executives and leaders from around the world, and still we find these men to be among the most consistently thoughtful, compassionate and courageous.  We co-facilitated with outstanding folks, Profs Taj Johns and Kathleen Taylor, Tammy Appling-Cabading and Donald Proby.

California Magazine Article Horns, Haloes, and Heroism: The Science of Doing the Right Thing Leadership References Our Work

Good, informative article by Alina Tugend for California Magazine published by UC Berkeley Alumni, that includes our work. This is definitely worth reading! Check it out, here

Huffington Post Publishes Blog Series Written by CEO, Brooke Deterline


In her Science of Courageous Leadership blog series, Brooke writes about the critical need for courage in the workplace, and the the broad relevance of our work. Click here to see a listing of the articles in this blog series.


"50 years of social psychology demonstrates that we are not simply "good people" or "bad apples" who behave predictably. Stressful social - including professional -- situations and the roles that we occupy can dramatically affect our behavior, often outside of our awareness. For example, even the most ethical of us might stay silent or act in ways counter to our values and best thinking when our courageous action is needed most. Sadly, over time this erodes our human and organizational value and potential."

Blog #1 The Power of Forgiveness at Work Written by CEO, Brooke Deterline


In her Science of Courageous Leadership blog series, Brooke explores the power of forgiveness to potentially improve well-being and productivity in professional settings. Click here for the full article. 

Blog #3 Courage: A Triple Word Score for the Holidays Written by CEO, Brooke Deterline


In her Science of Courageous Leadership blog series, Brooke shares how we can learn to override our unhelpful instincts, choosing to be courageous.  Click here for the full article. 

Blog #4 The United States of Anxiety Written by CEO, Brooke Deterline


In her Science of Courageous Leadership blog series, Brooke discusses seven evidence-based practices we can use right now, wherever we are, to build our capacity as courageous leaders for a more courageous democracy. Click here for the full article.