“Your work is brilliant and so very important. Your message and approach is a vital path forward to greater peace, understanding and healing on a personal and societal level. Thank you for your leadership and generous spirit.”  - National Conference Organizer

A global pandemic and health crisis. More frequent and intense natural disasters.  Systemic racism and inequity, and escalating divisions.  Disparate and remote working situations. Collectively we are navigating new levels of ambiguity and experiencing historical levels of anxiety and stress.  We specialize in working with leaders and cross-cultural and interdisciplinary teams to expand their courageous capacity to meet this moment. Together we create a meaningful sense of belonging to increase engagement, equity, and inclusion, and build highly effective values-based organizations.  


Our clients tell us they struggle to support the health and well being of their employees’ as well as their organization’s. Are these challenges familiar:

  1. How to empower your employees to transform stressful situations into learning, connection and growth.

  2. How to amplify and engage the collective brilliance of all voices, especially across different backgrounds, geographies, positions and perspectives.

  3. How to help employees move from fear, shame and hesitation into curiosity, motivation and inclusive action.

  4. How to reduce the risk of disengagement, destructive or unethical behavior under increased pressure.

  5. How to ensure organizational values-based action during the increased pace of change.

At Courageous Leadership we work with leaders, teams and organizations to diagnose and transform the root cause of behaviors, processes and systems that may be debilitating to achieving your organization’s mission and values.  We increase collaboration and organizational impact by teaching evidence-based tools to act with ethical courage in the face of challenging situations. Our services include Leader & Team Development, Transformation Consulting, Executive Coaching, Interactive Workshops, Public Speaking and Courageous Democracy