Courageous Leadership, LLC helps executives, boards and teams in organizations to increase collaboration and organizational impact by teaching the evidence-based tools to act with operational excellence and ethical courage in the face of challenging situations. Your team will be able to recognize the power of social situations and the situational pressure that causes us to act outside of our values and best thinking, especially in business, increasing the risk of scandals, misconduct and missed opportunities. Using the work of renowned social psychologist, Dr. Phil Zimbardo, and Dr. Lynne Henderson, along with 80 years of psychology research and the latest neuroscience, our evidence-based programs help build the skills that support optimal performance under pressure. 

We serve the following industries and departments in their Courageous Leadership needs: 

  • Equity &Inclusion                                   

  • Leadership & Team Development

  • Ethics & Compliance

  • Healthcare                               

  • Government

  • Financial Services

  • Technology                                

  • Social Enterprise & Non-Profit

  • Higher Education

We specialize in working with leaders and cross-cultural and interdisciplinary teams to create a meaningful sense of belonging to increase engagement, equity, and excellence, and build highly effective values-based organizations. We work with leaders to assess current obstacles to greater candor, collaboration and team performance. We support employees to devise, implement and track programs to improve individual and team skills and organizational impact.

We specialize in working with leaders and cross-cultural and interdisciplinary teams to create a meaningful sense of belonging to increase engagement, equity, and excellence, and build highly effective values-based organizations. Participants learn the power of belonging and the skills for inclusive and equitable relationships and systems. Please see a sample of our work here



We specialize in helping organizations design and execute programs to achieve leadership and team capacities critical for ongoing learning, full engagement and well being in the midst of significant challenges.  Our programs creates a sense of belonging and shared leadership to achieve core business and developmental goals using evidence-based tools to improve courageous communication, creativity and social support. 

Coach executives and high performance individuals to provide, receive and encourage candid communication and feedback.  Help surface the behavioral patterns that get in the way of effective leadership and devise and implement plans to retrain reactions under stress.


​We offer workshops on the Power of Social Situations and Social Fitness Training TM. Social Fitness Training is an evidence based cognitive-behavioral model with a strong track record of helping individuals and groups systematically recognize and retrain their reactions under stress. This model was developed by Lynne Henderson, Ph.D., over the course of 25 years at a Stanford clinic, and is based on over 80 years of psychological research, with key insights from neuroscience. 


The Courageous Leadership team and certified facilitators are available for presentations at conferences, executive forums, leadership development and team building off-sites and events. We have conducted highly interactive presentations at Google, MIT, Stanford University's Compassion and Business Conference, The Robert Toigo Foundation, Watermark, The Omidyar Networks Executive Forum 2013, and many more. Please see links to past speaking engagements, Tedx Talk, and MIT Talk.


Having a strong proof of concept, a well-tested program design, and outstanding results, we’re engaging partners from the corporate, civic, and philanthropic sectors to expand and spread Courageous Democracy. We feel—and hope you share—a particular urgency to support and scale up efforts to create a more inclusive and responsive democracy, where all respectful and responsible points of view are included. This program is administered for social good, and funded by individual donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations. For more information on how you can get involved, contact us.

Here's what participants are saying about Courageous Leadership: 

"I want to extend a personal thank you for presenting at our conference this weekend. Your work is brilliant and so very important. Your message and approach is a vital path forward to greater peace, understanding and healing on a personal and societal level. Thank you for your leadership and generous spirit.


                        - National Conference Organizer

​"The teaching on how we function under threat and how we can have meaningful responses--breaking down all the neuroscience to easy steps to follow and teach others...Overall, the course was a "living/experiential course" in the sense that it was immediately applicable--immediately felt...When I feel included, when people feel included they can face racism, social injustice,…privilege and fragility and all the ways we get triggered and don't say what is true or necessary.”


- Mary Senchyna

“Conducting ‘social flight  simulations’ of challenging organizational situations was  one of the most significant experiences of my professional career. It gave me the opportunity to confront - head-on - some issues that have been both stressful to me, and without a clear solution to my organization."


                                           - Former CEO Participant

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