Courage to Lead Online Training

Ready to join the Courage Club? Courageous leaders speak and act on their values and take skillful action in challenging situations. Join us for our next 4 week live online program to
build courage muscles under pressure. Attend as an individual leader or bring a friend or colleague and engage with leaders across industries, levels and disciplines in a courageous
community. Apply here for more information.

What makes this different? We focus on how to take inspired and skillful action as an individual, group participant and group leader in high-stress situations. We practice proven techniques for courageous action with social support that can be applied in any relationship at work or in your personal life.

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Week 1: Science of Courage
  • Learn the social science of situational and systemic pressures that have us easily act outside of our values and wisdom 

  • Identify how stress-based reactions negatively impact ourselves and our relationships

  • Begin to identify our individual and group stress patterns and conditioning across different perspectives

  • Practice techniques to rebalance the mind and body under stress

Week 2: Personal Stress Profile and Courageous Practices
  • Learn Social Fitness Model (SM), evidence based approach for courageous communication

  • Create Individual Stress Profiles (SM)

  • Practice transforming stressful situations into moments of connection and learning

  • Practice additional techniques to rebalance the mind and body under stress

Week 3: Courageous Participation and Conversations
  • Apply Social Fitness Model (SM), evidence based approach for courageous communication

  • Practice courageous conversations with social support

  • Learn and practice techniques for courageous participation in a group

  • Build muscle memory to engage skillfully in challenging situations under pressure

Week 4: Promoting Courageous Cultures
  • Understand the stages and behaviors to promote psychological safety

  • Learn techniques to promote the collective brilliance of all voices and perspectives

  • Learn how to embed systemic group practices for sustained courageous engagement

  • Increase capacity to create equitable dynamics in groups

Program Benefits

Participants report fresh perspectives, from subtle to life changing regarding: 

  • Awareness of their own and others stress reactions  

  • Ability to act according to their values under pressure

  • Deeper connection and more trusting relationships with others

  • Easier collaboration and creativity in challenging group situations

  • Increased sense of belonging, connection and motivation.


Ready to join the Courage Club?  Apply here for more information.